New Holland 2017

Kit – 2 x Inspire 2 drones

We love working abroad so when New Holland asked us to bring our drones to France for a week in July, we made it happen… just! With rather short notice, we managed to get clearance from the French aviation authorities to film on a remote (but massive) farm near (where the fuck James? Auxerre?). This is the 3rd year in a row that New Holland and their Italian film crew have required our aerial filming services to help promote their new agricultural machinery. It’s always exciting work but can be challenging – they have very specific shotlists and often we are required to track the machines closely for long distances which needs a steady hand and good special awareness. This year we were able to offer them new creative possibilities with the Inspire 2 drone shooting ProRes with various lenses – 24mm, 50mm and 90mm (the longer focal lengths are really amazing for this kind of work). The Inspire 2 really is an impressive little beast and we can’t wait to share the footage when we can. Despite the long dusty days in 39deg C heat, it was an awesome job with a very entertaining crew! Thanks New Holland and co.