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  • Tracking Shots

    Cost Effective Tracking Solutions

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ROCK SOLID TRACKING FOOTAGE over almost any terrain – Industry-recognised Flowcine Blackarm can take Movi Pro/Ronin + Alexa Mini / RED cameras.

ROAD LEGAL - this electric mountain bike is road legal (no lock offs) and very quick to set up.

FRONT AND REAR MOUNTING - Posts front and rear to allow flexibility of camera positions and varying heights.

POWERED ASSISTANCE – effortless electric speed and acceleration up to 25kph (but much faster if pedalling or downhill).

SLOW-MOVING DOLLY SHOTS – the CineBike will happily travel at slow speeds or walking pace for precise dolly shots (walking beside the CineBike delivers ultra-slow dolly moves)

SMALL FORM FACTOR – ideal for accessing tight spaces such as alleyways, cycling tracks, forest trails.


GLink - Flowcine

The GLINK is a new type of gimbal body support system that is made to work with electronic gimbals such as the Freefly systems M10, M15, MoVI Pro and the DJI Ronin 2. It can also work with other types of electronic heads such as the Betz Wave, ARRI Trinity, MK-V Omega or just fixed cameras in handheld mode (separate handheld unit mount).

It allows the operator to produce smooth walking and running shots eliminating steps and other axial errors produced from the human body.

Jackal - lightweight, portable camera rickshaw

  • For Gimbal, handheld & Steadicam use
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Jockey wheel for precision tracking
  • Two wheel fast mode
  • Extending axle for stability
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Camera accessory mount for mounting stabiliser systems

Available for dry hire or crew operated.

4x4 Tracking Vehicle

Camera car
- Audi SQ7 (0-60mph 4.5secs)
- Mounting options (front and rear)
- Height adjustable

Stabilised Camera System
- 6-axis gimbal (MoVI Pro + X7 (de-cased))
- Camera - X7 (6K RAW, ProRes 4444XQ or ProRes 422HQ)
- Lenses - 14mm, 24mm, 30mm, 50mm and 75mm primes with NDs
- Media - DJI SSDs (2 x 480GB + 2 x 240 GB + 128GB)
- Wireless camera control (Pan, Tilt, Roll + camera settings)
- Onboard wireless monitoring for 3 people
- Flowcine Blackarm and Rigwheels Cloudmount vibration isolator

Cloud Mount

SOLID TRACKING SHOTS – The rig can take Movi Pro/Ronin + Alexa Mini / RED cameras.

QUICK SETUPS – Front, rear and side mounting options for flexible camera positions.

COST EFFECTIVE – Professional results at an affordable price.



Quick Set-Up Time – We have lots of experience on set and can be ready to roll in just 15 minutes.

Cost Effective – Professional results at a fraction of the cost of SteadiCam and Track and Dolly filming.

Extremely Controllable – We can track from 0.1mph to 12.5mph over most terrain with effortless fluidity.

Amazing Range – We can continuously track for up to an hour covering a distance of up to 12 miles.

Versatile Movement – Our experienced operators can turn on the spot with smooth start and stop.

Follow presenters, walkers, runners, vehicles with silky smoothness and high quality footage. We have an Exoskeleton which is great for heavy camera loads, so we can track for longer with reduced fatigue, which enables us to also re-set quickly and get more done in less time.

Sound – Near silent operation.

TERO - Buggy Cam

The Buggy Cam is a completely new way to move the camera. The system allows for an extremely dynamic low camera angle coupled with full 3-axis control of the MōVI stabilizer to create never-before-seen shots

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