Frequently asked questions

Do you have a CAA Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW)?
Yes, Upper Cut Productions has been awarded the CAA’s CAOSC permission for aerial work – an exclusive higher-level authorisation that permits flying in congested areas such as London, with heavy payloads.
What are your flight times?
RED Epic with lens and accessories (6.8kgs) *with customised power supply* 7-8mins (Approx.)
Dragon with lens and accessories (6.8kgs) *with customised power supply* 7-8mins (Approx.)
Canon C300 with lens and accessories (3kgs) 10-12 mins (Approx.)
Scarlet with lens and accessories (6.8kgs) *with customised power supply* 7-8mins (Approx.)
Alexa mini with lens and accessories (6.8kgs) *with customised power supply* 7-8mins (Approx.)
Sony A7Rii with lens 13-15 mins (Approx.)
Panasonic GH4 (4K) with lens (700 grams) 15-17 mins (Approx.)
What's the maximum payload?
We can lift a maximum payload of up to 9.1KG using our heavy lift drones
How far away can your drones fly?
Legally we are allowed to fly our drones up to 500m away within line of sight. Flying over water will reduce the range as it absorbs the transmitter signal.
How high can your drones fly?
As we have OSC permissions we can fly up to 600ft (180 metres). Without OSC typically drones are only permitted to fly up to 400ft (122 metres).
How fast can your drones fly?
The octocopter can fly up to 50mph in favourable weather conditions.
Can we see a live image from the aerial camera?
Yes, we have a live video downlink to pilot and camera operator base stations as well as a dedicated SmallHD client monitor. HD downlink is available.
Do you have public liability insurance?
Yes, up to £5 million as well as equipment and employer’s liability.
How many people does it take to fly an Octocopter?
The Octocopter requires 1 pilot and 1 camera operator.
Can weather be a problem?
Unfortunately we cannot fly in rain and wind above 25mph can be challenging. We check the forecast from a range of sources on a regular basis and keep our clients updated.
Can you fly indoors?
Yes, please check video.
Are there any restrictions?
Our licence limitations are as follows:
With the CAOSC permissions Upper Cut Productions can fly within congested areas with a 30 metre radius of the general public, vessel, vehicle or structure which is not under the control of the person in charge of the aircraft.