Worcester Bosch

We are pleased to share the new Worcester Bosch racing teaser video, by Hipster, which is bristling with high energy and Top Gear styling. Hipster gave us a call in Jan 2017 with an exciting brief ‘We need some dramatic aerials shots chasing a BMW M4 around Bedford Aerodrome using the ALEXA Mini, can you help?’ Naturally, we jumped at the chance – chasing cars is our speciality, and so is the ALEXA Mini.

The weather forecast was dodgy and the first morning was spent anxiously watching the rain pelt the Hipster crew who had to cram a lot of filming into a challenging short Winter day. We set up and waited patiently in a hangar (next to Jonathan Palmer’s old F1 car) for an opportunity to fly and eventually, it came. We fired up the drone, cranked the camera to 50fps and had a lot of fun trying to keep up with the stunt driver. Delivering 425hp, the M4 looked insane drifting through the fresh surface water, leaving perfect trails of turbulent spray behind it. DP Karl Poyzer and Director Jake Barrett were watching everything happen live via a Connex HD downlink and Atomos Shogun monitor (for quick playback). It’s always nice to hear over-excited clients cheering beside us. Our finely-tuned Freefly Systems MoVI Pro stabilised the Alexa Mini perfectly, handling some fairly severe manoeuvres from the powerful ALTA 8 drone. Day 2 was spent at the incredible Milbrook Proving Ground, but sadly we can’t talk too much about that one… it’s a fascinating place to fly, but shrouded in secrecy. Thank you Hipster for an awesome job.

Client: Worcester Bosch

Campaign: Race Review

Production Company: Hipster

Director: Jake Barrett

1st Assistant Director: Laura Roe

Producer: Ryan Phillips

1st Assistant Producer: Verity Amos

Director of Photography: Karl Poyzer

Loader: Bart Bazaz

1st Assistant Camera: Fatosh Olgacher

Sound Engineer: Adam Fletcher

Data Wrangler: Nick Helmsley

Editor: Simon Dymond

Behind the Scenes Photographer: Gemma O’Brien

CBBC | The Worst Witch

CBBC’s The Worst Witch is now on the big screen and we’re excited to have been part of the production. Using the ALTA 8 drone and Alexa Mini camera, we brought the storyboard to life with a huge variety of aerial shots. Our brief was both extensive and challenging, from simulating Witches weaving through trees on their broomsticks to flying around castle turrets and crashing into walls (no drones were hurt in the making of!). We spent 4 days filming with the main unit at the stunning Hohernzollern Castle, in Germany, which was a real privilege because permission to fly drones at this location is extremely tricky to achieve. The Castle’s turrets look just like Witch’s hats and we were able to get very creative with some intricate manoeuvres – the Alta 8 drone by Freefly Systems performed flawlessly with the heavy Alexa Mini camera and MoVI M15 at an altitude of 3000ft. It’s exciting to see all the hard work come together – watch The Worst Witch on CBBC or on catch up via BBC iPlayer.


Beyond Limits – Chatsworth House

NEW RELEASE! Very proud to have been a part of this project working with Chrome Productions and Tim Boydell for Beyond Limits – Sotheby’s at Chatsworth House. It was challenging to achieve the drone aerial and ground-based contra-zoom filming shots but close communications between pilot, cam op, focus / zoom op and Director all came together to make this mind-bending piece. We used a combination of specialist equipment including the ALTA 8 drone, Alexa Mini with RED zoom lens and ARRI FIZ control, Segway, Exoskeleton and MoVI M15. Behind the scenes pics, see below…






The Festival Of Light @ Longleat

We’re extremely excited to share this 30 sec commercial we filmed for Longleat a few weeks ago.

Here’s some info about what went on behind the scenes at Longleat…

  • Crew – approx. 40 people (excluding extras and clients)
  • Shoot schedule – 3pm to 2am
  • Upper Cut Productions’ Equipment – Alexa Mini with Follow Focus, Drone, Segway
  • Upper Cut Productions Crew – Chris Wilkinson (Drone pilot, Segway op), Guy Jenkins (Focus Puller), James Markwick (Camera Operator)

Notes : No animals were harmed in the making of this video

chris_longleat_exoskeleton_blackandwhite img_6862 longleat_beartrix_potter_fox longleat_camera_festival_of_light longleat_focus_guy longleat_james_cold_drone

Blue Peter TRY-athlon

What an awesome (but chilly) day in the north of England filming with the BBC’s Blue Peter for Children In Need. Respect to the presenters who bungee jumped off that bridge!! Tune in to CBBC tonight (Thursday 17th) at 5pm or catch up on the BBC iPlayer.

drone_blue_peter_bbc_-middlesborough_transporterbridgejpg drone_uppercutproductions_blue_peter_cbbc_children_in_need pudsey_children_in_need_drone_blue_peter

Chris WIlkinson from Upper Cut Productions doing yoga with drone

New Holland – France

En France pres de La Rochelle – long days working the fields this week for New Holland. Farmer’s tan coming along nicely! #elscorchio



‘Droneyoga’ – day 2 done filming in the French landscape and feeling zen!

Chris WIlkinson from Upper Cut Productions doing yoga with drone

Chris WIlkinson from Upper Cut Productions doing yoga with drone


‘Aaaand that’s a wrap in France’! 4 long and dusty days in the fields with an awesome crew shooting demo videos for the latest New Holland machinery.